Finding the Beauty in Smile: Tooth Modern Art!

modern art depicting teethOver the past few months, we’ve been traveling not only throughout Europe, but to the United States.  I get bored easily lately by going into gallery after gallery seeing the same art on the walls. It seems nowadays, you can plaster a piece of wood in a museum and call it “modern art”.

But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I had to go to an emergency dentist appointment after cracking one of my front teeth when I fell off my bike on a dirt road.  (No, that wasn’t the pleasant part!)  But inside the dentist’s office, there was beautiful art everywhere much like the painting on the right.

In over 25 years, I’ve never seen any dentist office that looked so fashionable and trendy.  When I was a kid, our family dental practice had leather chairs and an arcade system, which I still would love to be honest.  But this was something totally different. I asked my dentist about it after she fixed up my cracked tooth.  Which was actually one of the most painful things I’ve experienced as a grown man, but that’s another story!  She said that she loved these pieces because they brightened up the room and actually had more meaning. She said that they tell a story of how outer beauty is just as important as inner beauty.  People can have gorgeous white teeth but actually still have a ton of cavities underneath and they might not be well taken care of.  Beauty is skin deep, and that applies to your teeth as well.

I thought it was kind of strange, but it scared me into flossing on a daily basis and brushing more often than I care to admit that I do!  I decided to look up some other pieces of art that feature teeth and noticed a pattern.


The colors were vibrant and beautiful.  In her office she had about 20 different pictures on the wall done by kids. She said that sometimes she would get the kids to draw their own versions of the paintings on the wall while they waited for their dental appointment.  It made the kids not so scared and then they learned to really enjoy going to their monthly or yearly appointments.  I kind of wanted to ask her for a set of crayons and pencils, but thought against it.

I’m curious to look into this and see what the real interpretations are of this art, since the dentist just kind of went off on a tangent about taking care of your teeth, haha!




Getting in Shape During a Hot Summer

A lot of people give up on their weight loss goals and diet efforts once summer starts. Either they have reached their goals and begin to chow down on junk food, barbecued goods, ice creams and beer in celebration. Or they haven’t met their target and give up, refuse to go to the beach and sport a one piece bathing suit instead of a bikini and end up just wearing a t-shirt and shorts at home eating ice cream and saying “Oh whatever!”

Either or, this is not the attitude to have when the summer strikes. I get it, it’s hot and humid and the last thing you want to do is exercise and get even sweatier than you are just by standing still! But let me just remind you that there are plenty of ways to workout and exercise that don’t involve running outside or being in the heat.  And one you can take advantage of is the swimming pool, lake or the beach!  Doing laps in the pool is not only refreshing and a great way to cool off, but it can burn a ton of calories.  You need to kick and push your arms in order to stay afloat and that is an enormous workout. It sure beats jogging.  Being in the water for an hour a day can help you burn as many as 500-600 calories which will go a long way in helping you to lose weight.

If swimming isn’t your thing but you have an air conditioned home, you might consider skipping the gym and instead investing in some at home exercise or fitness programs like the 21 day fix extreme. You only need to commit to doing 30 minutes of exercise and will work your entire body from head to toe. By lifting weights, you’ll build long and lean muscles that will eventually help you burn more calories on a day to day basis. Remember that it’s all abouw how much effort you put into it.  Also keep yourself cool and hydrated by drinking plenty of low or calorie free fluids. By that I mean skip the alcohol, beer and soda. Instead, opt for carbonated water if you’re craving something fizzy and make some flavored water drinks to help beat the heat.

The 21 day fix extreme program teaches you about proper nutrition and portion control. If you eat smaller portions of even your very favorite foods but don’t over indulge, you can make a sizeable difference in your weight loss. Don’t throw away all your hard efforts just because summer is here. Commit to your goals, relax a bit over a weekend or two, but keep focused or you will regret it later on.

Christmas Containers and Portion Control over the Holidays!

Everyone is looking forward to the holidays, where treats and dessert are abundant. One of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays are eating food with friends and family and drinking merrily. Unfortunately, the holidays are usually filled with eating treats that are high in fat and calories and this can lead to a lot of weight gain which may be destroying your health efforts if you are not careful.

Therefore, we highly recommend investing in some portion control containers to help monitor your weight loss over the holidays.  One of the most popular fitness and health programs of 2015 is called the 21 day fix and this weight loss program combines both diet plan and exercise to help you lose weight.  The key component of the program is the 21 day fix color containers which you use to track how many calories you are consuming each day.  Depending on your caloric and weight loss goals, you’ll be stuck in some sort of calorie bracket which may be able to help you lose up to 2 pounds a week if you track the calories accordingly.

Each container stands for a different food group. Yellow is for carbohydrates and can be filled with a different foods like oatmeal, brown rice, and so forth.  This diet is pretty cool because you don’t need to count calories one by one and look at the labels of each and every food item you are eating. Rather, you just order some containers that are designed for this program and eat according to a calorie bracket to make sure you don’t overeat throughout the day.

I also think you need to be enjoying the holidays and indulge a bit so you don’t feel ripped off during the holidays.  If you are going to eat junk food or fast food at least one time a year, you might as well eat as you like during holidays because the rest of the year you will be worrying about losing weight and calorie intake. The containers are also a fun way to track your dietary intake and makes it easy for quick breakfasts or lunches to grab on the go.  You can use the original containers which are different colors according to the food group. Usually you will be eating more purple and green containers which stand for fruits and vegetables.  If you are planning your meals in advance, you’ll be eating a lot of fruits like pears, apples and other fruits that are healthy for you but low in sugar. You simply need to cut the fruits in advance and store them in the containers for later use.


Holiday Season Brings Cheer and Weight Gain!

Another year abroad, another year fighting the bulge! The best thing about Europe is that it’s with very affordable to stop down at the market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.  There are so many delicious options and you can come home with two bags full of the ripest most tasty fruits high in fiber for under 10 euro.  The bakery, however, is a different story.  Full of treats, bread and carb-laden snacks, it’s very hard to find any sources of fiber in any of the selection.

In North America, we have many processed/junk foods but also a ton of healthy alternatives. You can find pastas, bread and rices in a variety of wholegrain options – basmati rice, brown rice, whole-grain rice – you name it!  And any type of pasta you want with fiber you can find! In Europe, it is all white. White bread, white pasta and white rice.  I can get one wholewheat spaghetti option but forget any other type of noodles!

Yet for some reason the Europeans are still so slim and in shape – it’s a mystery to me! All I know is that I’ve had to take my skinny fiber pills daily since living here – otherwise, I wouldn’t be getting nearly enough fiber each day.  I take 4 pills a day before lunch and dinner.  They guarantee me at least 5 grams of fiber out of my 20 grams that I try to meet each day.  Luckily, many fruits and vegetables are laden with fiber such as pears which have over 4 grams of fiber for a medium or large sized pear.  One all-natural skinny fiber review said the fiber in the pills made her more regular for her bowel movements and also gave her a lot of energy to get through her long and busy work day.  It’s very important to remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day – something that many people forget to do. You should be having at least 8 glasses of day.

I recommend jotting down on a notepad every time you have a glass, because if you don’t do this, you might be going through the day with only 1 or 2 glasses of water.  And if you drink a morning coffee too or tea, you are dehydrating your body even more.  The fiber works best in your body if you are drinking water because it expands in your stomach causing you to feel full and satisfied after eating breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Ever since I started taking skinny fiber, I also experienced much less cravings than I did before hand and it has helped me lose around 10 pounds in the past 2 months.  I know I could have lost more but I do have a thing for wine and cheese which we all know is high fat and high in calories! But hey, we can’t be perfect every day or life would be no fun!

Getting Fit Before a Holiday Abroad

When you are going on vacation, you imagine yourself on a beach in a small bikini and running around playing volleyball or other sports with friends while working out.  Sadly, most people won’t enjoy their vacations looking tight and trim and having a jiggle-free body while exercising because most people are overweight especially in our country. There is an obesity crisis which needs to be addressed not only to help people improve their health and levels of nutrition but also to be able to enjoy life the way other people are.

When you are fit, you can do many things like go shopping and be able to fit most types of clothing. You’ll go on vacation and wear whatever bikini you want to wear because your body will be toned and sexy. You’ll see ab definition and just look great in general. We have many tips you can follow to try to workout and get in shape before your vacation so you don’t have to feel insecure in your swim suit, bikini or new black dress for going out on the town.  Prior to going on vacation, we recommend starting some sort of three week diet plan for 21 days to try to get in shape. The website recommends the sugar detox as a great plan for losing weight and burning calories because you’ll eat less sugar and carbs and therefore will lose weight. So many people are addicted to sugar and carbohydrates which put on fat and weight much quicker than proteins like chicken and turkey or lean beef. If you want to lose weight, you need to eat more protein and stock up on vegetables and fruits which are great for you.

Remember to exercise regularly with some sort of workout program to keep you strong and fit. There are other diet and eating plans which will stimulate the fat burning process and help you burn many calories and lose weight.  The three week diet focuses on eating foods that help you burn calories and that are also low in calories while also helping you tone your muscle and build your body so you look better each day.

If you can commit to a diet plan for only 21 days you will notice an amazing difference in your body.  Just keep with it and be persistent. Don’t eat a lot of junk over that span of time and you’ll see some incredible changes in your body as the days go on. Try to see how you feel and look after a few days and you’ll be so pleased at the efforts you have made and the changes in your diet.

Nothing can make you feel good and amazing like exercise and working out can.  Keep with it and be patient and the results will amaze you.

Weight Loss and New Year’s Resolutions

Okay so I know the last time I posted I was talking about the military diet and how my mom said I had to start it to stop looking like Porky Pig. Well, I listened to her.  I’ve been taking them for the week now and have lost 6 lbs in 7 days. Not too shabby.  Christmas is coming up real soon and I’m hoping to stay on track so I don’t gain a whole lot back after the big dinners I plan to consume.

So in addition to taking the diet pills, I’ve visited the military diet website to try and get some extra health and diet tips and have been eating less and feeling less hungry ever since taking the pills.

But I’m also trying to fast track my weight loss by eating a more lean and healthy diet.

This morning I started the military diet plan which basically means i can only eat whole wheat bread, eggs and some grapefruit for breakfast.  It’s super boring and plain but it’s a diet so i can’t exactly cry that i’m not eating fried chicken and pizza all week.


Lunch is a piece of toast and tuna with black coffee. Dinner is a bunch of water, green beans and chicken. Also a few pieces of fruit in addition to a half cup of vanilla icecream.  The military diet seems strict and it is but it will offer you a quick short term weight loss if you need it.  Various 3 day military diet reviews boast that this diet is a great kick start to your health and weight loss goals.

I’ve been so hungry all day but a touch of hunger never hurt any body.  I also did eat a huge tub of ice cream yesterday so I’m not exactly famished on account of having been healthy.

Spent most of the day watching net flix but am determined to get a bunch of workouts in over the next week.  I’ve got basketball practice tomorrow and my buds and I are gonna throw a football around this week too.  Not much else is planned but I encourage you guys to WRITE A LIST of what you are eating. Otherwise you will eat too many calories and you need to try to eat less calories to burn more fat.  That’s my advice anyways.  Well, try to get a kick start to your new years resolution and go hard this year!

All you need to remember is how important it is to workout and work hard. Don’t forget to do regular exercise and not do to any short term diets for longer than a few days at a time each month.  Long term weight loss requires long term effort. You can’t workout once or twice and expect to see crazy results. Commit to your workouts. Commit to eating healthy. Wake up every morning 40 minutes early and you will not regret it.

Trying Not To Gain Weight Abroad or on Holiday

Everytime I go on holiday, I gain weight. Every SINGLE TIME! I don’t know what it is.  I will exercise religiously, workout like I’m training to be in the movie 300.  This could go on for months and months. But the day I depart for my holiday abroad or even a weekend trip, the moment I step into the airport, I’m running into the nearest kiosk to stuff my backpack full of wine gums and chocolate bars like it’s the zombie Apocalypse.  It’s amazing.  I’ll be on the airplane, halfway through my bag of peanut M&M’s and downing a 2L bottle of Coke before I bug the flight attendant asking him or her when dinner will be served.

At this point, I have probably been “on the road” for under 3 hours and have already eaten 4 meals worth of food.  Incredible.  That’s not even starting my vacation.  I have about 4 beers on the plane and by the time I’m AT my destination, I’m sure I’ve put on 5 lbs minimum.

Then we hit the hotel and first thing we do is run to the grocery store before the shops shut. We stock up on beer and wine, chips, coca cola, candy, beef jerky.  I don’t think we even glance at the fruit aisle “oh we’re on holiday!” we shout.  By the time we get to the beach the next morning, we’ve got huge guts.  What a joke!


Well, this time I brought a secret weapon with me to Amsterdam.  Granted, I’m not on a beach and it’s the winter.  But still, that mindset of mine is BINGE BINGE HOLIDAY TRY NEW FOODS and it’s a mindset that HAS to go! I don’t want to be fat by Christmas. I’m hoping to meet a beautiful lady after all.  You can’t expect to date a 10 if you’re barely a 5.  That’s just math. right? lol.  So going back to my secret weapon.  My mom packed several pink bottles of some diet pills in my bag. At first I was like “Geez, thanks mom” and she said “Henry, listen. You know what you do on holiday. You go a little wild, a little crazy and you eat a heck of a lot of junk food and always come back for Christmas looking like Santa Clause”.  OUCH mom.  But dude, she had a point.  So I glanced at the bottles and she said they are called skinny fiber and have some ingredients that will help me have more self-control when I’m eating. This skinny fiber fitness website says that the pills work like sponges.  In that they expand real big in your stomach so you are left full after one plate of dinner for example.  I looked on the weight loss website for more skinny fiber and saw a lot of people who have lost a significant amount of weight while using these diet pills. I don’t need to lose weight right now but I DO need and want to maintain.  There weren’t any side effects except having to go to the bathroom more often and they say if you drink a lot of water you shouldn’t have any problems.  Basically, I’m going to trust my mom on this one and take the pills with me.  Here’s hoping I don’t gain weight and can control myself at the airport!

Best Ways to Exercise in Amsterdam

I hate to be cliché, but the best way to exercise in Amsterdam is by far, cycling, the Dutch love their bikes and you tend to find more bike traffic and bikes kicking around than you do cars.

Whenever I am in Holland, or the Netherlands, the first thing I do is check out the bike trails and where I can look to rent a bike. Not only is it amazing for keeping in shape, but you have a completely different way to view the city. When you are in a car, you are enjoying the sights through a window, and in my opinion, this is literally and metaphorically speaking ,only a windows’ view of the sights around you. Being on a bike gives you freedom and satisfaction, a clear picture and view of the real surroundings around you. It’s so rewarding knowing that you are the one riding and pushing yourselves, actually pushing the pedals to get further even when you are tired and sore. You get to take in the sights and feel exhausted and satisfied from a long successful journey. That is priceless.

In addition to biking, there are many different gyms that you can join in the city. The Dutch have to burn off all that wine and cheese, afterall. I plan on joining a gym called Health Club Jordaan because it has some incredible facilities. Because I get most of my cardio in by biking, I’m really just looking to do strength training. I like this pic cause you can see all the bikes outside it too, haha!


Lastly, why not go to one of the most incredible parks in the city. There you can partake in a bunch of activities, whether it be going for a run, simply walking through the beautiful gardens or bring your roller blades and zipping along the pathways.

Whatever choice of exercise you opt for, you know you will be improving your body at the same time as absorbing a new culture and experience. Enjoy your travels and trip and try not to get too obsessed with numbers and the nitty gritty.

You’re arrived at Exercise and Art! Welcome!

Thanks for coming to our website! Some people may wonder, what on Earth does Exercise and Art have to do with one another?

I say, many things! Or maybe just cause they are two of my favorite hobbies!

But both art and exercise are forms of expression.  Art you put it on the paper or you sculpt it, you sing it and act it out.  Exercise you express your emotions, you work hard and exercise harder when you are angry or happy. You dance and dance vigorously, expressing your body with many different moves and routines.

It’s a beautiful thing!

I’m going to study Art History Abroad in Holland for one semester even though I am from the United States.  Hoping to learn a lot and practice my Dutch.  Also the bike riding scene is amazing there so I’ll get my exercise in!  Enjoy my blog! 🙂biking-and-exercising