Best Ways to Exercise in Amsterdam

I hate to be cliché, but the best way to exercise in Amsterdam is by far, cycling, the Dutch love their bikes and you tend to find more bike traffic and bikes kicking around than you do cars.

Whenever I am in Holland, or the Netherlands, the first thing I do is check out the bike trails and where I can look to rent a bike. Not only is it amazing for keeping in shape, but you have a completely different way to view the city. When you are in a car, you are enjoying the sights through a window, and in my opinion, this is literally and metaphorically speaking ,only a windows’ view of the sights around you. Being on a bike gives you freedom and satisfaction, a clear picture and view of the real surroundings around you. It’s so rewarding knowing that you are the one riding and pushing yourselves, actually pushing the pedals to get further even when you are tired and sore. You get to take in the sights and feel exhausted and satisfied from a long successful journey. That is priceless.

In addition to biking, there are many different gyms that you can join in the city. The Dutch have to burn off all that wine and cheese, afterall. I plan on joining a gym called Health Club Jordaan because it has some incredible facilities. Because I get most of my cardio in by biking, I’m really just looking to do strength training. I like this pic cause you can see all the bikes outside it too, haha!


Lastly, why not go to one of the most incredible parks in the city. There you can partake in a bunch of activities, whether it be going for a run, simply walking through the beautiful gardens or bring your roller blades and zipping along the pathways.

Whatever choice of exercise you opt for, you know you will be improving your body at the same time as absorbing a new culture and experience. Enjoy your travels and trip and try not to get too obsessed with numbers and the nitty gritty.