Finding the Beauty in Smile: Tooth Modern Art!

modern art depicting teethOver the past few months, we’ve been traveling not only throughout Europe, but to the United States.  I get bored easily lately by going into gallery after gallery seeing the same art on the walls. It seems nowadays, you can plaster a piece of wood in a museum and call it “modern art”.

But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I had to go to an emergency dentist appointment after cracking one of my front teeth when I fell off my bike on a dirt road.  (No, that wasn’t the pleasant part!)  But inside the dentist’s office, there was beautiful art everywhere much like the painting on the right.

In over 25 years, I’ve never seen any dentist office that looked so fashionable and trendy.  When I was a kid, our family dental practice had leather chairs and an arcade system, which I still would love to be honest.  But this was something totally different. I asked my dentist about it after she fixed up my cracked tooth.  Which was actually one of the most painful things I’ve experienced as a grown man, but that’s another story!  She said that she loved these pieces because they brightened up the room and actually had more meaning. She said that they tell a story of how outer beauty is just as important as inner beauty.  People can have gorgeous white teeth but actually still have a ton of cavities underneath and they might not be well taken care of.  Beauty is skin deep, and that applies to your teeth as well.

I thought it was kind of strange, but it scared me into flossing on a daily basis and brushing more often than I care to admit that I do!  I decided to look up some other pieces of art that feature teeth and noticed a pattern.


The colors were vibrant and beautiful.  In her office she had about 20 different pictures on the wall done by kids. She said that sometimes she would get the kids to draw their own versions of the paintings on the wall while they waited for their dental appointment.  It made the kids not so scared and then they learned to really enjoy going to their monthly or yearly appointments.  I kind of wanted to ask her for a set of crayons and pencils, but thought against it.

I’m curious to look into this and see what the real interpretations are of this art, since the dentist just kind of went off on a tangent about taking care of your teeth, haha!