Getting in Shape During a Hot Summer

A lot of people give up on their weight loss goals and diet efforts once summer starts. Either they have reached their goals and begin to chow down on junk food, barbecued goods, ice creams and beer in celebration. Or they haven’t met their target and give up, refuse to go to the beach and sport a one piece bathing suit instead of a bikini and end up just wearing a t-shirt and shorts at home eating ice cream and saying “Oh whatever!”

Either or, this is not the attitude to have when the summer strikes. I get it, it’s hot and humid and the last thing you want to do is exercise and get even sweatier than you are just by standing still! But let me just remind you that there are plenty of ways to workout and exercise that don’t involve running outside or being in the heat.  And one you can take advantage of is the swimming pool, lake or the beach!  Doing laps in the pool is not only refreshing and a great way to cool off, but it can burn a ton of calories.  You need to kick and push your arms in order to stay afloat and that is an enormous workout. It sure beats jogging.  Being in the water for an hour a day can help you burn as many as 500-600 calories which will go a long way in helping you to lose weight.

If swimming isn’t your thing but you have an air conditioned home, you might consider skipping the gym and instead investing in some at home exercise or fitness programs like the 21 day fix extreme. You only need to commit to doing 30 minutes of exercise and will work your entire body from head to toe. By lifting weights, you’ll build long and lean muscles that will eventually help you burn more calories on a day to day basis. Remember that it’s all abouw how much effort you put into it.  Also keep yourself cool and hydrated by drinking plenty of low or calorie free fluids. By that I mean skip the alcohol, beer and soda. Instead, opt for carbonated water if you’re craving something fizzy and make some flavored water drinks to help beat the heat.

The 21 day fix extreme program teaches you about proper nutrition and portion control. If you eat smaller portions of even your very favorite foods but don’t over indulge, you can make a sizeable difference in your weight loss. Don’t throw away all your hard efforts just because summer is here. Commit to your goals, relax a bit over a weekend or two, but keep focused or you will regret it later on.

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