Trying Not To Gain Weight Abroad or on Holiday

Everytime I go on holiday, I gain weight. Every SINGLE TIME! I don’t know what it is.  I will exercise religiously, workout like I’m training to be in the movie 300.  This could go on for months and months. But the day I depart for my holiday abroad or even a weekend trip, the moment I step into the airport, I’m running into the nearest kiosk to stuff my backpack full of wine gums and chocolate bars like it’s the zombie Apocalypse.  It’s amazing.  I’ll be on the airplane, halfway through my bag of peanut M&M’s and downing a 2L bottle of Coke before I bug the flight attendant asking him or her when dinner will be served.

At this point, I have probably been “on the road” for under 3 hours and have already eaten 4 meals worth of food.  Incredible.  That’s not even starting my vacation.  I have about 4 beers on the plane and by the time I’m AT my destination, I’m sure I’ve put on 5 lbs minimum.

Then we hit the hotel and first thing we do is run to the grocery store before the shops shut. We stock up on beer and wine, chips, coca cola, candy, beef jerky.  I don’t think we even glance at the fruit aisle “oh we’re on holiday!” we shout.  By the time we get to the beach the next morning, we’ve got huge guts.  What a joke!


Well, this time I brought a secret weapon with me to Amsterdam.  Granted, I’m not on a beach and it’s the winter.  But still, that mindset of mine is BINGE BINGE HOLIDAY TRY NEW FOODS and it’s a mindset that HAS to go! I don’t want to be fat by Christmas. I’m hoping to meet a beautiful lady after all.  You can’t expect to date a 10 if you’re barely a 5.  That’s just math. right? lol.  So going back to my secret weapon.  My mom packed several pink bottles of some diet pills in my bag. At first I was like “Geez, thanks mom” and she said “Henry, listen. You know what you do on holiday. You go a little wild, a little crazy and you eat a heck of a lot of junk food and always come back for Christmas looking like Santa Clause”.  OUCH mom.  But dude, she had a point.  So I glanced at the bottles and she said they are called skinny fiber and have some ingredients that will help me have more self-control when I’m eating. This skinny fiber fitness website says that the pills work like sponges.  In that they expand real big in your stomach so you are left full after one plate of dinner for example.  I looked on the weight loss website for more skinny fiber and saw a lot of people who have lost a significant amount of weight while using these diet pills. I don’t need to lose weight right now but I DO need and want to maintain.  There weren’t any side effects except having to go to the bathroom more often and they say if you drink a lot of water you shouldn’t have any problems.  Basically, I’m going to trust my mom on this one and take the pills with me.  Here’s hoping I don’t gain weight and can control myself at the airport!

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