Weight Loss and New Year’s Resolutions

Okay so I know the last time I posted I was talking about the military diet and how my mom said I had to start it to stop looking like Porky Pig. Well, I listened to her.  I’ve been taking them for the week now and have lost 6 lbs in 7 days. Not too shabby.  Christmas is coming up real soon and I’m hoping to stay on track so I don’t gain a whole lot back after the big dinners I plan to consume.

So in addition to taking the diet pills, I’ve visited the military diet website to try and get some extra health and diet tips and have been eating less and feeling less hungry ever since taking the pills.

But I’m also trying to fast track my weight loss by eating a more lean and healthy diet.

This morning I started the military diet plan which basically means i can only eat whole wheat bread, eggs and some grapefruit for breakfast.  It’s super boring and plain but it’s a diet so i can’t exactly cry that i’m not eating fried chicken and pizza all week.


Lunch is a piece of toast and tuna with black coffee. Dinner is a bunch of water, green beans and chicken. Also a few pieces of fruit in addition to a half cup of vanilla icecream.  The military diet seems strict and it is but it will offer you a quick short term weight loss if you need it.  Various 3 day military diet reviews boast that this diet is a great kick start to your health and weight loss goals.

I’ve been so hungry all day but a touch of hunger never hurt any body.  I also did eat a huge tub of ice cream yesterday so I’m not exactly famished on account of having been healthy.

Spent most of the day watching net flix but am determined to get a bunch of workouts in over the next week.  I’ve got basketball practice tomorrow and my buds and I are gonna throw a football around this week too.  Not much else is planned but I encourage you guys to WRITE A LIST of what you are eating. Otherwise you will eat too many calories and you need to try to eat less calories to burn more fat.  That’s my advice anyways.  Well, try to get a kick start to your new years resolution and go hard this year!

All you need to remember is how important it is to workout and work hard. Don’t forget to do regular exercise and not do to any short term diets for longer than a few days at a time each month.  Long term weight loss requires long term effort. You can’t workout once or twice and expect to see crazy results. Commit to your workouts. Commit to eating healthy. Wake up every morning 40 minutes early and you will not regret it.

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