You’re arrived at Exercise and Art! Welcome!

Thanks for coming to our website! Some people may wonder, what on Earth does Exercise and Art have to do with one another?

I say, many things! Or maybe just cause they are two of my favorite hobbies!

But both art and exercise are forms of expression.  Art you put it on the paper or you sculpt it, you sing it and act it out.  Exercise you express your emotions, you work hard and exercise harder when you are angry or happy. You dance and dance vigorously, expressing your body with many different moves and routines.

It’s a beautiful thing!

I’m going to study Art History Abroad in Holland for one semester even though I am from the United States.  Hoping to learn a lot and practice my Dutch.  Also the bike riding scene is amazing there so I’ll get my exercise in!  Enjoy my blog! 🙂biking-and-exercising

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